Rumpistol – Trilogy Bundle


Embark on an enchanting sonic voyage with this Rumpistol Bundle, featuring three captivating records from the electronic maestro’s discography, two of which is released on Raske Plader.
“After The Flood” immerses you in a lush soundscape, seamlessly blending ambient textures with intricate beats, creating an otherworldly listening experience. “Isola” elevates the journey with its hypnotic rhythms and dreamy melodies, showcasing Rumpistol’s mastery in crafting ethereal electronic compositions. The bundle culminates with “Going Inside,” an exploration of introspective and contemplative tones that invite the listener to delve deep into the artist’s musical psyche. This collection is a testament to Rumpistol’s ability to transcend genres, offering a rich tapestry of electronic soundscapes that captivate and transport.

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