Various artist – Danish Dub Part 1 LP


Various artist – Danish Dub Part 1 (Tribe 84 Records / Dubfabrikken Records)

First release in collaboration with Dubfabrikken Records, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Danish Dub Part 1 is a captivating compilation of dub music that revolves around the renowned venue called Bolsjefabrikken. Since 2009, Bolsjefabrikken has served as a hub for dub music and sound systems in Copenhagen. This double album features a diverse selection of eight tracks contributed by both emerging talents and seasoned artists who have been an integral part of the scene for years. Drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of UK dub culture, the music encompasses a full range sound system style, ranging from roots-infused melodies influenced by the Jamaican sounds of the 70s and early 80s to energetic steppers beats that will get the crowd moving.

Danish Dub Part 1

(Tribe 84 Records / Dubfabrikken Records) DubFabLP001 Release date: June 2nd, 2023

Various artists
A1+2: Almost HiFi feat. Rhea. All music and production Rasmus Zwicki & Christian Vollmond, vocals Ria Máté Nielsen.
A3: Svend Irie. All music and production Svend Irie.
B1+2: All instruments and production Doktor Lond, vocals Endurance.
B3: All instruments and production Tomas Brixen Kristiansen.

C1+2: Jah Moby (Harp, Bass), Canaan I (Keys), Anders Meinhardt (Drums), Yagoubi I (Percussion). Produced by Jens Christian Dahl Mølby & Martin Kanan.

C3+4: All music and production Dub Manza.
D1+2: All music and production Frederik Birket-Smith & Noah Mbizo Rieper-Holm Dyani. D3+4: All music and production Oliver Julius Brandborg Vestergaard & Ernst Borreby Maibøll.
Mastering by Wojciech Przysiezny.
Lacquer cut at Star Delta
Cover artwork & design by Jah Lars.