Mads Beldring – Udenpå Indeni
EP 12″ Vinyl Maxi (45rpm)


”Udenpå Indeni” is a new EP from psychedelic danish singer-songwriter Mads Beldring. The record is produced an recorded by producer Jacob Steen is his apartment in 2015. The EP will only be pressed in 300 copies and won’t be re-released. All covers have been hand-decorated by the artist himself and his friends. Among them is: P. S. Opstrup, Carl Emil Petersen (Ulige Numre), Jeppe Beldring, Mike Højgaard, Vera Beldring, Tobias Ljungar Sødring, Yaqup Oxbjr, Jacob Steen og Raske Penge.

You can listen to two tracks from the EP here:

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