Bettinas Badekar En lydbog for børn med god musik til LP


Experience Flemming Quist Møllers crispy voice in a magical soundscape when the legend himself reads “Bettinas Badekar” – a modern celebration of his 1970’s masterpiece “Bennys Badekar”.
This is the story of the 8 year old Bettina who finds a a old bathtub at the recycling, builds it into a rocket and takes it into space on a adventure. Hold on while she meets dangerous monsters and finds new friends. “Bettinas Badekar” is more than audio book. Its an universe of sound with storytelling and new danish music of among others Raske Penge, Khal Allan, Poul Nesgaard and Bisse.

One of the songs is “Rumpiraternes Mobbesang” with Raske Penge and Khal Allan on vocals – produced by 2000F on production:

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