Repulsive attraction is a Danish comic book release from 2020 which our friend Patrick Steptoe has made together with our other friend Benjamin Agersted. We have chosen to sell it because it is very bold and says some clever things about consumer society, capitalism and social media, etc., which we very much agree with.  We have made collaborations with both artists beforehand for instance, Patrick has made the cover for “Satan På Holdet” with Klumben & Raske Penge – the original is printed in the book here and Benjamin has made the music videos for Gadebrænder, Missionen and Timerne Går (with Natasja in 2000F & Raske Penge remix).

Repulsive Attraction received the prestigious comic book award, Pingprisen as this year’s debutant and we highly recommend it. Note, however, that it is REALLY not for children!