Eventhough he has been highly productive this is actually the first album release by the founder of Raske Plader, Raske Penge. Not one, not two but three LPs with danish reggae, dancehall, hiphop and everything in between! Everything is like the first pressing of the record except a few changes in the coverdesign. And theres a brand new sticker with this release! 3x vinyl, 28-pages booklet full of pictures, downloadcode and now also a psycho-sticker – only 200 dkr! Bam!
A side:

  1. Stået Af
  2. Ingen Udvej
  3. Gorilla
  4. Ik Stol På Dem

B side:

  1. Tabernes Planet
  2. Klubben
  3. Blæst Igen
  4. Hvem Ved?

C side:

  1. Timerne Går
  2. Yndlingsstof
  3. Mandsling
  4. Fridag!

D side:

  1. På Beløbet
  2. En af Os
  3. Hold Ud
  4. Shh! (Racker Op)

E side:

  1. Faxe Kondi
  2. Baghave
  3. Dolly
  4. Original Bang Ding

Side F:

  1. Rundt
  2. Intelligent
  3. Missionen
  4. Bor Her


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