2000F – Mennesker I 12″ Vinyl Maxi (45rpm)


A1: Mjølner Dub
A2: Mjølner Dub – part 2
B1: Tandgrisner Dub
B2: Tandgrisner Dub – part 2

Heavyweight steppas dub music from Denmark. Dark and deep as the cold Nordic winters. Inspired by pagan spiritualism and Norse mythology. Bass deeper than Mimer’s Well. Militant rhythms harder than the Einherjer of Valhal. Never-ending echoes from beyond Niheim. 2000F is back.

Mennesker – Del I, the first release in a series, features music inspired by Mjølner, the hammer of Thor, and Tandgrisner, one of Thor’s two mighty goats.

All of the 2000F’s releases on Raske Plader feature engravings and drawings of the old Norse rune sign meaning man/people/mankind. As is the case of most Nordic runes it is believed that it holds both a positive and negative meaning.

500 copies.

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