Various artist – Danish Dub Part 2 LP

kr. 250,00

Second chapter of the Danish Dub-series is here!

In June 2023, Tribe 84 Records and Dubfabrikken Records released the first ever compilation of

Danish dub music. The vinyl double LP sold out fast, so here comes the second chapter – Danish Dub

Part 2, released on June 29, 2024.

Once again, with this compilation we bring forward the best Danish reggae & dub producers to be

presented for a wider audience internationally and nationally. Ranging from more traditional

inspirational reggae vibes, filled with analog effects, to stomping electronic steppers music.

Danish Dub Part 2 is a strictly homegrown double LP – produced,

mastered and manufactured locally in the Danish capital of

Copenhagen. It was even recorded to analogue tape to bring out the

best sound possibly.

For Danish Dub Part 2 we have dug deep and found both brand new

upcoming producers just starting their journey in dub music, as well as

producers who ventured into dub many moons ago, utilizing homebuilt

reverb units and rare studio equipment dating back to the 50s.

Record 1 of the Danish Dub Part 2 double LP features four brand new

dub songs made for this album. Gogo, Mambe and Jah Moby are all

singers well known in the Copenhagen dub and reggae scenes,

collaborating with several local producers and sound systems. Dan I

Locks is a more familiar name in the international dub and reggae

communities, releasing hit after hit with, among others, dub legend Ashianti Selah. Based in Malmö,

Sweden, he’s a frequent guest at the Dubfabrikken sessions in Copenhagen.

Sven Irie and Gogo starts out the first part of Danish Dub Part 2 with a cry for ceasefire on Evil Must

Fall in both vocal and dub versions. Unfortunately, still – and always – a relevant message. Doktor Lond

and Dan I Locks are up next, inciting peace and love to our neighbours. On the other side, Dub Across

Borders and Mambe goes deep in Subconscious and the counteraction Dubconscious, followed by Almost

HiFi featuring Jah Moby’s dystopian dub visions in Darkness.

The second record comprises four unrelenting instrumental tunes, from different Danish dub music

studios. Concrete Iration from the city of Aalborg in northern Denmark has been building a dub

soundsystem and music studio over the last years, and now they’re ready with the tuff tune No Freedom.

When the dub effects ring out, the young guns from Ital Foundation steps up with a up-to-date take on

the steppers style of dub music, pushing the bass speakers to the max. On the flip, Hieronymous Dub

Sounds takes you on a journey with the track Copenhagen Jungle Dub, before Mbizo & 2000F finishes the

record with Cold Gold, a raw dub instrumental that is guaranteed to fill the dancefloor.

title: Danish Dub Part 2

release date: June 29, 2024

label: Dubfabrikken Records

distribution: Tribe84

mastering and lacquer cutting: HVAD at Kommunal Dubplate Service, Denmark

premastering: on Studer by 2000F at Strøm Studio, Denmark

manufacturing: RPM Records, Denmark

note: 400 vinyl copies only, 150 featuring hand-printed inlays.