Bremer/McCoy – Ordet 12″ vinyl LP

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Eventhough instrumental music has no words it can still transmit feelings, moods and even messages through tones and rhythm. That phenomenon is what Bremer/McCoy have set themselves out to discover on their second release

“Ordet”, which is danish for “The Word”. On “Ordet” the soundscape is more dub-inspired than on the first release “Enhed”. The record was recorded in a homemade studio in a small cabin far out in the swedish woods over 8 days in december 2014.

The record is produced and recorded by Bremer/McCoy, mixed and mastered by Jonas Nakel and the art direction is courtesy of Yaqup Oxbjr.

Ordet was released on the 13th of April 2015.

Track list:

  1. A-side:
    1. Ordet
    2. Forenet
    3. Midnat
    4. Himalaya
    5. Derindad
  2. B-side:
    1. Alpha & Omega
    2. Højt at Flyve
    3. Arjuna
    4. Et Øjeblik
    5. Vend Hjem

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